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Tips on Booking a Magician

Tips on booking a magician.

Here are some pointers that you should take in to consideration when hiring a magician, what to look for, cost etc..

This information is based mainly on corporate events, weddings and parties for adults as that’s what I specialise in, but the same rules can still apply to the children’s entertainer.

The type of event is quite relevant, if it’s a wedding, you may have some quiet spots, like when the photos are being taken or the bit after the wedding breakfast and before the DJ where tables and chairs are being moved to make space. Maybe its between speeches and awards at an awards ceremony.
It is best to book a magician to perform during these quiet spots, sometimes people like to have the entertainment during the meal but this can prove to be tricky for the magician, that’s when people are engaging with each other and eating – would you like to be disturbed while eating?
So plan what part you think is best for the magic to happen.

The cost of a magician can vary from performer to performer and length of time can sometimes affect the cost.
I know some magicians that will charge £50 for a couple of hours and others that will charge a couple of hundred for just 1 hour.
My advice would be this… Do your homework!

You are looking for someone who is a member of The Magic circle or International brotherhood of magician, if they are a member of equity, that’s even better. 

Someone with a good website, lots of pictures and at least one video of the artist performing.
This will give you an insight to see how the magician is before you book them

You are far more likely to receive better value for money if you book someone for just one hour at the cost of £275-£350 than someone for 2 hours for just fifty quid.
Some magicians will charge up to £500 or more for just an hour and if you can afford it, hire them they will blow your socks off.

Sometimes you may just want to hire a magician for a small 30-45 minuets cabaret or stage show, the magician can give a quote to his or her fees but again you don’t want someone for £20 to do just 30 minuets.

Your choice of magician should be someone you like the look of by just seeing the web site, a good set of pictures, a show reel easy to approach and book.

If you require more than one magician then just ask the other magician for his recommendations, I have personally have a few magician that I recommend when doing shows that are big enough that do require 2 or more magicians.

Finally, recommendations of a magician from a friend or family member is always good and at least  the performer has been see live by someone you trust.

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